Please Note: Due to material supply shortages, All Rapid Rotation Batons are Temporarily out of stock.

RRB Systems provides independent consultants and reviewers on a contract basis to provide professional assistance and critical analysis to police and public safety organizations.  Nationally accepted operational procedures and recognized standards of care are integrated into the RRB Systems approach to consultation. We have serviced police, security and correctional agencies in needs analysis, task analysis, program development and program analysis.

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Featured products

Groundfight! Instructor Manual

The Groundfight Instructor Manual is the accompanying training manual for the RRB Systems International Ground defense course.

Rapid Cuff

Rapid Cuff With S&W Handcuffs. Please note additional price increase based upon finish and material.

Rapid -Cuff Grip Only

The Rapid - Cuff Grip is form fitted to house the S&W M100 or M1 (Oversize) cuff. Assembly is done with only a screwdriver.

Rapid Cuff Holster

Security Holster for the RRB Rapid-Cuff with S&W M100

Rapid Rotation Baton

DUE TO MATERIAL SHORTAGES WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Rapid Rotation Baton. Please note price differences based upon size.

Rapid Rotation Baton Basic Training Manual - Download

Download the Rapid Rotation Baton 8 hour Basic Training Course.

Rapid Rotation Baton Holster

The Rapid Rotation Baton Security holster is molded specifically for the RRB Systems Rapid Rotation Baton.

Rapid Rotation Baton Masters Training Manual - Download

Download the complete RRB 40 hour Masters program

RRB/Safariland Heavy Duty Hi Ride Holster

Features of Safariland Heavy Duty "Hi-Ride" Holster 4072: Made for active field duty performance Tough, lightweight, and washable Rugged bolt-on belt loop and bolted-in trigger guard stop
$26.00 $20.00

Safariland Belt Keepers

4002 4 per package Durable composite material Two silver snaps Fits up to 2.25" belt Tactical Finish
$24.95 $15.00

Safariland Buckleless reversible Belt 1.50"

Velcro underbelt
$37.99 $29.99

Safariland GL6280 SLS Hooded Level II with Sentry

Glock Models 17, 19,22 23
$129.00 $70.00

Safariland Mid-ride Level II Retention Holster

Glock 4" BBL: 19, 19C, 23, 25, 32; 3.5 BBL: 26,27,28,33; Belt Loop 2.25
$110.00 $85.00

Safariland Nylon-Look Leather Duty Belt

Buckle-less design Standard 2-1/4 inch width Velcro(r) closures on both ends Velcro(r) loop lining Hidden brass hook
$59.95 $50.00

Safariland Pepper Spray Holder

Bodyguard 4oz., Def-Tec/First Defense, MK4 30z.; Freeze 4oz.; Punch II M-4 4 0z.; Mace Canisters
$26.95 $22.00

Safariland Radio Case

Safariland #4292-5-2BL Radio Case with Padded Pouch Padded water-resistant Anso-Tex nylon/foam/nylon sandwich cushions radio and allows rattle free cary. Radio is secured by black snap on a rigid A-Frame plate. 3.5" H X 1.5" L X 2.25" W. General Electric, Motorola
$24.00 $15.00

Safariland Snap Belt Keepers

4200-2BL Fits most 2" wide Police Duty belts Belt Loop 2" (50mm)
$14.00 $8.00

Safariland Top Flap Mace Holder

Bodyguard 4 oz., Def-Tec/First defense MK 4 3oz, Freeze 4 oz., Punch II M-4 R oz. Mace Canisters
$26.00 $22.00

Uncle Mikes Reinforced Instructor Belt

1-1/2" Black Steel Buckle Polymer Reinforced Nylon: Adjustable 32' - 40'

Verbal Judo Managing Verbal Abuse

with Dr. Geroge Thompson and Gary Klugiewicz
$39.95 $19.50