Verbal Judo Managing Verbal Abuse

with Dr. Geroge Thompson and Gary Klugiewicz
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Verbal judo 102 Series: Verbal abuse is designed to prepare officers to face the intense verbal confrontational situations that they will ecounter in their "real world" duty assignments. Officers are called every name in the book and are insulted and threatened in every kind of way. This course will teach the skills necessary to manage this verbal abuse so that officers can de-escalate the situation in order to resolve the matter without having to respond to physical force.

Dr. George Thompson is the founder of Verbal judo Institute and the author of several books on the subject of tactical communication.

Gary T. Klugiewicz is the Director of Traiing for the PoliceOnce Training Network. He retired from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department after 25 years where he was promoted to a Captain. 

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