About Us

RRB Systems International is a d/b/a for Rapid Rotation Baton, Inc. Established in 1995, RRB Systems International develops new products and training methods and has evolved into a global provider of law enforcement equipment, training and services. RRB Systems, International is headquartered in Tallahassee, FL. USA


The Global Policing Initiative™is a structured partnership with other manufacturers and service providers for the purpose of identifying and providing best practice and excellent equipment, prices and services to our international and domestic clients. This collection of offerings has allowed us to develop a model of policing methodologies that can be delivered to customers in need of modern and professional law enforcement solutions.    

RRB Systems International conducts business in a variety of ways including direct sales, use of assigned agents, sub-contracted trainers and satellite offices.  Members of the RRB Systems Global Policing team are constantly researching and developing new, better, and safer ways to provide law enforcement services worldwide.