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FBOP Graduates Eighteen More RRB Master Instructors

Florence, CO., December, 2009 — RRB Systems International announces the successful completion and certification of eighteen RRB Master Level Instructors for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Members of the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence Colorado, including workers in Florence USP, Florence CI, and the SuperMax ADX prison completed 40 hours of intensive hands on training and defensive tactics theory to achieve the certification.

FBOP FLETC was also represented as the Bureau moves forward in establishing national training curriculum and guidelines for facilities who use the Rapid Rotation Baton.

The Rapid Rotation Baton™ System, is currently used by law enforcement, corrections, security and government agencies throughout the world. It consists of the Rapid Rotation Baton the RRB Security Holster and RRB Systems Course training.


RRB Systems International provides training to Dubai Police Department

Dubai,United Arab Emirates October, 2009- RRB Systems International has recently returned from a training mission in Dubai, UAE. Roy Bedard and Dave Young presented instruction in the PepperBall Armorers Course and Tactics for Crowd Management.

Throughout the course police students learned to assemble, disassemble and repair the PepperBall TAC700 carbine. All repairs and replacements are now done directly in the Dubai Police Armory.PepperBall Technologies, which produces the PepperBall weapons and ammunition is located in San Diego, California.

As part of the course, Members were also instructed in crowd management and field tactics, including the proper use of riot shields, less lethal equipment, team dynamics and chemical projectiles.


Florida entrepreneur Roy Bedard sells more than police batons and hand-cuffs.

His commitment to better and more humane policing methods is his signature product and he’s selling it all over the world. Bedard is the President and founder of RRB Systems, a Tallahassee, Florida police and security equipment and training company. Like many entrepreneurs, Bedard’s business grew out of a personal interest. A policeman since 1987, Bedard wanted equipment that would encourage responsible, humane, and effective policing. He also saw a need for tools that would make it easier for smaller police officers, such as women, to more effectively do their jobs.